Sunday, October 23, 2005


Well, It's October 23rd and this is only my second entry. Life has been, well, just happening. Nothing too hectic--just everyday stuff. I'm working fulltime at the hospital (10pm-7am) 4 nights a week. Job is OK, the drive stinks (1 1/2 hour one way)!
Thinking about the holidays coming up quickly. Trying to get the handmade things --organized, started, finished--ugh. Wanting to work on other stuff --poncho-still; socks-not sure if I noted this before but I finished my first pair of crocheted socks-not bad; afghan-always in progress. I'm still wishing for the big win to be able to stay home and craft all day!!!
Jeff and Jess were married on the 9th. Very nice wedding. All the gang was there. It's so nice to see everyone together. With families going in all different directions and all, it doesn't happen too often. I will post pics when I have more time. (hopefully sooner than 2 months).
The babies are growing like weeds! Jayden and Maya--you go girls!

Hey check out Crochetsocks --a yahoo group I'm in. I have been asked to help out with it (Hi Denise--and thanks). We talk about --what else? crochet and particularly socks-other stuff too-but mostly socks. It's fun to see and hear what other people from --literally around the world--have to say and share.
Well I have talked enough for now. The pics will come later. I'm still getting the hang of this thing--Can't figure out how to do most of it --but then I haven't spent too much time here. I have this and a Yahoo 360 site and ? maybe something else I can't remember?!
Take care and stay dry. ....just wanna craft, Cath

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Day 1 (Here)

Well, I think I am getting the hang of this Blog thing---maybe....I had one somewhere else but it just wasn't right. I hope this turns out better.
About the name, Well it says it all! I am and always be a crafter. I just haven't figured out how to make good money at it as I mostly like to do it for fun. I might get serious someday and ....nah.
I might try to copy and post the entries from the other blog so as to keep the 'flow' going. They give a little background of me and stuff.

Today, I am going to work on a poncho for my grandniece. A hat for the other grandniece. I am patiently waiting for the next set of instructions for the crochet sockalong I am in. I think they are going good. Maybe I'll work on the lace(?) scarf for my niece (for Christmas)--it's going to take me that long to make it. It is the leaf pattern from Scarf Style.--very pretty butI'm using an angora-like yarn and it is very---very.

Also need to work on the house---always work on the house---clean,clean,clean!!!
And fill out papers for my son for college--DS-21--yeah! college!--one step closer to leaving the nest--can't wait for the empty nest syndrome!

Well enough for today. Off to craft, It's a great day in the neighborhood. Maybe I'll sit out on the 'veranda' (haha) (that's my New England for 'back yard on the patio furniture')
...........just wanna craft, Cathy M

PS pictures to follow.