Sunday, August 19, 2012

September 2012: National Stamping Month

What a great special!!!
You can find this at my Close To My Heart  site. 
Thanks, Cathy

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another great time at the Scrap-A-Way Retreat!!!

How much do I love going to the retreats???  Way too much!!!   OMG!  We just keep having more and more fun every time I go---is that possible? 
I had 3 more great table mates:
From left: Catherine, Paula, Zaria and me.  It was PJ night---you get more 'croppin cash' for wearing your pajamas Saturday night.  And everybody knows that more cash is better to win prizes with.  I won a Cricut cartridge holder!   yay
I'm holding it there.  And yes that is a chenille robe and purple pj's--they have little owls and say--what else--'night owl' on them.  I bought them just for this event!
Everyone at our table won something--so nice when that happens.  Catherine won the Cricut!!!   She never had one and did not know how to use it---so much fun to have and she'll get the hang of it.
I made a few 2-page layouts and my own small 'smash' book
 and covered a small 'suit case' like case.
Here is the inside to get a hint of what it looked like on the outside--only more tattered:

 It looks good.  I have to embellish it more and do the inside.
And here is one page layout that I did in my favorite theme...

Notice the bottom pic I lifted what is called a 'Flip Flap'.  Way cool.  You stick it too your pages to add more space for pictures.   Maybe someday I will actually bring pictures with
They are in two large Rubbermaid containers in (what was) the living room---my son has claimed it right now until he finds his own place---praying daily for this event--but I can't get to them.  Oh well.

Any way I had a wonderful time and looking forward to January in Mystic.  And seeing my scrappin' friend Linda.  It will be fun, fun, fun!

Update:  I received my kit from Close to my Heart.  There are really nice things in here and I can't wait to have my first 'gathering'.  You can check out my website in the mean time  Close to my Heart  and email me if you have any questions.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Project Inspiration 2012 Autumn/Winter Idea Book: Home Decor

Here is a fun video of one of the great products we offer at Close to my Heart.  Really great products and so much fun!

Friday, August 03, 2012

A few good things....

Good Morning!
I am told I have some catching up to do on this blog so here goes....

Where to start....actually this probably won't be in any chronological order...sorry...just more ramblings.

I am going to the Scrap-A-Way retreat in Leominster!  --Next Friday actually.  Unfortunately not with my 'retreat' friend Linda.  (I hope you are getting better Linda and hope to see you again soon.) 
It promises to be a good retreat.  I actually got a nice surprise while trying to decide if I would actually go or not---I WON a free day!!  It was on their 'Spin to Win' game online.  I won the 'Grand' prize of being able to go all day Saturday...well that just wouldn't do.  So I turned it into the weekend for almost half price---nice!!   And I am going to be taking classes to (re-)learn to use my Cricut (and new Copic markers) with Cara Miller.   Who, I just found out lives 15 min away from me and sells these neat learning tools called "Whispers".  They are index cards that make using your Cricut or Gypsy easy!!!    I can't wait!

I went shopping the other day.....I haven't been to Joann's in a while, sooooo....
I bought a couple of things.  Actually I did very well.

I loved this set and it was nicely on sale.  I also bought some things for my Smash Book collection: a label maker, some washi tape and some stickers--also on sale!

At Michaels' I bought some yarn to work on a baby blanket that is taking way to long--not because it is remotely hard but I just can't get going on it!

Oh, and.....I went to the Great Pottery Race.....uh, I mean Bennington Midnight Madness a couple of weeks ago  (which happens every year on the 3rd Thursday in July----mark your calenders NOW) and did get a REALLY nice find.  Jay's Hallmark Store has 50%---50% off the whole store!!!  Did I mention they are also an art supply store? 
Do you know what these are?  Copic Markers
They were 50 % off!!!   I am also taking a class at the retreat to learn how to use these too.  They are the latest in alcohol, blend-able and refillable markers that act like watercolor paints.  I can't wait to learn how to use them.

Also got these stamps in the mail the other day from Crafty Steals.   I love to order from them as they usually have great buys--too many for my wallet--lol.  These were all only $11.99--free shipping!

And one last thing --second to last thing for now....  I stopped in a LYS on my way home the other day after having breakfast after work with my friend, David.   I never get to stop there because it is never open when I normally go by.  I am so glad I did.  It is a really nice shop---- Metaphor Yarns.  I couldn't leave with out buying something......really?!

  And because one of the skeins I bought was the last one of that colorway, she gave it to me for half off!   I didn't even ask.  That's nice....And the best part is that they are 'crochet' friendly.  I'm sorry, but almost every LYS I have been in--and I've been in quite a few--are knitting snobs.  Not them!  There was a lot of 'model' projects that were shown in crochet.  And the owner, I think her name is Meta, was very friendly.  They have classes and 'drop-in' times also.   {Not to mention that they are in the same building as a quilt shop--I'm sorry I do not have their name but (and I did not go in--thank God as I would still be in there!) they are BEAUTIFUL--from what I could see in at the door.}

And lastly.....drum roll please........
As of a few hours ago I am officially a Close To My Heart consultant.   I have been wanting to take my paper crafting to the next level and I think this is it.   Actually that is what sold me.  That they are a 'papercrafting' company that helps you to preserve your memories.  They have been in business for 25 years selling scrapbooking and stamping supplies.  But more importantly showing people how to preserve memories/photos by offering their  fabulous 'Idea' books and lessons on how to use what they sell.   I can't wait to start getting my 'Start with Heart' videos weekly.   I should get my 'kit' by next week.  Not to mention I now get a nice discount (my 'commission') on everything I buy for me---Sorry Rosann (my previous consultant and Scrap-a-Way owner).
And for signing up this month I will also get... a really nice tote for free.
How can you go wrong?  I can't wait to get it with my kit.

So there is my update for now.  So much more to say and post but it is late (early for some) and I am going to bed.  Working the next 6 out of 7 nights---ugh and then scrapping!!!  Be well