Saturday, August 25, 2007

Quick note...

Hi all.
Just an update.
I'm still at The Cape. Hyannis is nice. The hospital is like most others--understaffed, busy and of course the unit I'm on isn't the one I signed up for! Well, "sort-of".
I'm only a little bitter as I thought this was going to be a 'really good' assignment. It is just a 'good' one.
I do love nursing, I just don't want to be half-truthed anymore!
I want out. I do not want to work hospital anymore unless I can decide if I like it after a period of time and be able to leave without repercussions! You know--to find out if they are telling me the truth or not about staffing, the unit, the type of patients I will be caring for. Not to walk in and feel like you took the wrong turn somewhere and ended up in The Bates Motel!
No it's not that bad!
It's better than the last 3 places I have been to.
And the staff is nice and 'traveler-friendly' --Big Plus.
I have 5 weeks left and I'm sure it will go by fast--then I will be job hunting all over again. No more traveling. Can you stand it?
Bye for now,

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Job thing again....


Here I go again.

Brattleboro was a bust. Rutland a bust. VNA--I'll get back to them--I thought was a bust.

The travel job at the Cape: a go. The manager called me back and offered me the position. And well, since I have not worked in a WHILE (read here: stir-crazy and financially --nil) I took the job. It sounds like a great job.

I will be in the 'Express Admission' unit. Kind of like a pit stop on the way to the unit a patient is being admitted to. I will do the admission and paperwork, orders, etc. Makes things much easier on the floor nurses.

And the best part:
The Housing!

Most of you have seen the house I will be in (via the email I sent). A great little house in the middle of Hyannis. Two bedrooms, yard, everything and I do mean everything is included in the house. I had to unpack one box as I didn't need it! I still am bringing some of my own things--to be like home. You know--my crafts!!!!

I am literally one mile away from the hospital and the ocean. And a half mile away from the Cape Cod Mall ( )and The Christmas Tree shop ( scroll down to the Hyannis shop). Those from around here know they originated in the Cape .
I'll be there from June 29 (this friday) through Oct 3 (longer if I extend--but let's not get ahead of ourselves).

Now for the VNA position.

I got a call from them Tuesday with an offer for a full time position--UUUGGHH! (Can you see Charlie Brown lying on the ground as Lucy pulls the football out?) I am so bummed! I soooooo wanted a local position. And they offered me a good rate, 40 hours, insurance!

I had to decline as I had already signed, sealed, and delivered the travel contract. I assumed after the last call two weeks ago that I they were looking at someone else and not me, and well that's what I get for assuming! I needed a job and after being without for so long I had to take the first offer that came. I don't expect them to hold it for 3 months, but I will let them know that I am still interested--seriously. That's the problem with traveling; in 13 weeks I have to do this all over again--looking for another position. I want to be done with that--I just got my craft room settled and now I have to pick and choose what to bring on assignment.

Yes, it's a GREAT assignment, but.....
Off to finish packing.
I won't be posting for a while as the computer isn't coming with me (Huge sobs here!!!) I will be looking for the library there. I'm leaving tomorrow morning and should be there by early afternoon--better be there early afternoon--it's the weekend and I'm told the traffic is Unbearable.

Then Saturday--exploring! Yeah.


(source for photo of Hyannis Port: Thanks.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs....

Me again...
Well, no call from Rutland. That's OK. I found a job at Brattleboro--traveler. I had my recruiter submit it yesterday and I am awaiting the call for the interview! I know it will come today!
Cape Cod is very nice, but I do not want to travel that long at this time.
Great pay, and housing bonus at Brattleboro. If ever the power of attraction was to work in my life-- now is the time.
Talk to you soon, Cathy

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hi all.
I renewed my personal AVON website today.
It will be 'in progress' for the next few days or so, so I can configure it. You still can go there and browse or buy if you like. I will be sending a personal invite to people later.
More to come......
On another note...
In my never ending job search...
Here are the stats:
  1. Dr's office: Hired someone else with office experience (but has 3 month trial period and I was told they would keep my app on file).
  2. BMC: What can I say about them?! I have done all that I can but am still stuck in HR-land, who buy the way won't return my calls--(This after the CCU director herself called ME to offer me a job (months ago it seems like)--and this past Sunday saw posted in the Eagle NUMEROUS jobs posted).
  3. SVMC: Hired from 'within' for CCU position--no new postings.
  4. NARH: What can I say about them too?! --couldn't get any closer! Hired from within, hired more qualified, no more postings, won't return calls.
  5. VNA: Interviewed, sounded good, spoke to someone a week later who said they have another candidate they were also looking at and it would be about a week and thank-you for your interest. What's that tell you!? Pay stunk anyway.
  6. CCTC: Travel jobs: Burlington jobs filled, awaiting Rutland, Cape Cod I will call after I post this--the best option right now. Best pay, free housing, free insurance from day one, 12 hr shifts for 13 weeks.
  7. Vacations may be on me at The Cape this summer.

I'll update this later today....justwannacraft,CathyM

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lots to see today....

Hi all!
Me again, Finally posting some pics. (They are in the next {last} couple of posts). I know I have more but--you know. Yadda-Yadda, the dog ate my homework......
I'm also working on the second of those socks ;) SSS!
and a shawl, and a knitted pair of socks (like the mini ones), and still doing the edge of the other shawl--that's basically done except for the fringe!
----And everything else that is hanging around in a tote somewhere. Can you tell I like to start things. And did I tell you how many totes I have?
Also, I have pics of the little'uns but have to get permission before I post them.
Enjoy all.

Yup, More Pics!

This is a tote bag I made last week. It is made from old leftover rug yarn I've had for a long time. It is the same back and front--just reverse the colors and has these neat built-in pockets. Very little sewing. I used stashed silver buttons that have engraved hearts on them. You can see below the pocket--and my favorite read (that came in the mail today!). (Crochet Today for those non-crafters)

This is a nother crocheted sock made from worsted. It wears well with my Crocs! Loved the orangy colors.

A Few Pics....I know, I know, I'm late!

My Toddler, Montana.
PS: See the navy, yellow, orange thing behind him? That's a crocheted shawl I made in 1979! Can you believe it? No pattern, just needed something to do on a bus ride to (? from) FL one year and had this worsted yarn in my bag with probably an H hook! It is the best testament to how well Red Heart yarn holds up. And it is still soft. Keeps my shoulders warm when I'm watching TV in bed. ----Enough of the stroll down melancholy lane.

My first pair of knitted socks. They were made on circulars--the ONLY way I will knit socks! They are little--samples I suppose, but will fit Ian. Too cute.

My crocheted socks made from Cascade.

Front and back of my (finally) sewn, lined, rhinestoned, lighthouse vest! The inside, I am proud to say, is as nice to wear as the outside.

My summery hat, Love it! Very easy!
....more coming ....justwannacraft,CathyM

Monday, May 21, 2007

CRAFTS, remember......?

Me again,

Yeah, I know --where are the crafts?

  1. I am working on 3 pairs of socks--crocheted. They are beautiful.
  2. I am almost finished with the poncho-like wrap--the fringe will be the death of me--you'll see when I post the pic.
  3. I have made a couple of dishcloths--quick work.
  4. Working on a very colorful little bag--using up gifted stash
  5. Made quite a few cards for all the birthdays and such--now just have to mail them out.
  6. I've been working on my craft room organizing and inventorying
  7. Trying like heck to believe I can live on crafting and let the Universe take care of the rest
  8. Awaiting my delivery of the 'Deluxe Ultimate Knitting Machine'. Any hints, tips and otherwise helpful places to go (online groups,etc) would be greatly appreciated. I've read it can be daunting--I'm a good direction reader--the only one in my family I think who does!

I promise I will post pics later--I have to get them into the camera first. Peace and love,



Hi all,

Update on the last post...

No longer at the Inn...too bad, I liked the folks there, but there was a bit of 'politics' that made the lack of money seem really not worth it. I wish the others well in their struggle for equality and encouraging work environment--Lord knows we all need that.

I have had my 'break' from nursing and ready to get back in but the whole 'nursing eat their young'-thing is beating me down. The nursing profession as a whole doesn't like to see nurses 'take a break'. The whole 'burn-out' thing is phony. At least that's how I have felt others have felt about me. I get the impression that having taken a break to get myself rejuvenated was looked upon as not good--that I should have sucked it up and taken it as they all do--that I wasn't good enough, I couldn't hack it in tough times and that maybe I'm not qualified to be a nurse!
I more than earned my battle scars. And this break has given me even more gumption to fight for what I want, what I believe in and move forward to better things. I will no longer accept mediocre--from anyone--co-worker or employer. And I think people are afraid of this. Don't be. I am the one who will stand by you to the end--if you are right. I am the one who will be the best employee you have--if the workplace is conducive to encouragement and advancement. I am the one who will be a great team player--not just a player.
Enough of that. I have done all I can to get a local job in both of the local hospitals. (I can't drive to Fairview an hour and a half. I wish I could, I loved it there--I just can't) I have applied to other nursing jobs and also await their word. I may have to leave the hospital setting. Not a bad thing, just a different one. Making a big change like that is confusing. Not knowing if it's the right thing or if one of the 'other' jobs will eventually come through. Not knowing if maybe I will really like it--not having the crazies of a hospital--the politics of a big place. A set schedule Mon-Fri, no holidays, 2 weeks vacation that I won't have to grovel for! What am I thinking!!!


I have asked the Universe to give me a good job. One that is pleasant to go to daily, that makes good money, has nice people to work with and for. Now I have to believe--live my life like I already have it and the Universe WILL provide.

Thank You, Cathy

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Me again.
It's April 24 and the weather is starting to resemble spring for a well needed change.
I am thinking good thoughts about the sun and warmth--it works!
I'm working at the "Inn" now until BMC calls me to give me the job in the CCU that I've been waiting for. Good thing, the money is OK, but nursing money is soooo much more.
(update: Florida job/AM was not good--enough said--I'm home now and not traveling. Took a 'break' from nursing for a couple of months to rethink things. I highly advise it for those in a rut or just have been through a bad stretch of nursing jobs--for me it was 3 bad assignments in a row--NOT good. I seriously thought about leaving nursing. Doesn't say much about the establishments I worked in, does it? Then I remembered that I am in control of my own destiny and I needed to change things!---and I did!)
I can hardly wait to go through the ccu course to start learning and using my intelligence again. Waitressing is OK but --BD. I don't remember it being so cut throat or "favoring" 20-some years ago. We all worked together and got the job done. I want to work in a place where we are all working for the same end cause. Where people are actually helpful, encouraging and nice! --I know, someone from the Inn will probably read this and get mad at me--Hello! Eye opener! And no, not everyone there is that way--just enough of the ones that I work directly with to make it irritatingly ugly. There are enough of the really good people there to actually stay and try to make things better, but the money still wouldn't cut it--I can't afford to work there. I make more money in 8 hours nursing then I do there in a week--NO lie (and I would probably piss off more than a few people in the process--hell, I'm sure I already have by talking to the GM last week). Even people who don't work there tell me how tough it can be in the kitchen. I have a feeling it will change for the better. A new broom sweeps clean........

Hey! Isn't this blog about crafts????
Sorry, I got carried away. Here's the scoop.... I'm working on:

--a cape for me--yellow with multi color trim--almost done.
--a bag for my sister--don't worry she won't read this--It's from the book she gave on crochet bags. She dreaded giving me the book as she thought she'd actually get one---guess what? she will but she's not a crafter and doesn't know my creative capabilities to make her one that she'll actually like!--Ha Ha.
--and other little things too numerous to remember or think about right now----you know me---I Love to start things. I'm little slow on the finishing part, but I'm getting better.
Will post pics later.
Bye for now. And remember:
Thoughts become things, choose good ones!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Secret

Hi all.
Just me popping in. I guess mostly for me.
I have added a new link to the sidebar.
The Secret.
I ordered the movie and I love it! I watch it almost every day. It is inspiring in every way. I believe that now I am in control of my destiny. I used to think that if I only had a glimpse of what was in store for me, if I could just some how know what the future was going to be I would be OK. I could at least go in that direction and be on the right track.
Now I know that I am writing my own future and destiny and I BELIEVE it! I wrote the script and I am directing it. ---No more wishing and hoping for a glimpse--- I just declare it!
I have to say that it is quite empowering to be in control.
I would like to buy everyone I know a copy of it. That way everyone else will have the same positive attitude. The attitude of believing. We would like to think that we believe good things are going to happen but we don't expect them to.
That is the difference with me now ---I EXPECT GOOD THINGS TO HAPPEN.
I put out a request--a command to the universe for certain things to happen to me and they will!!
I have an attitude of grattitude for this and so much more!
I thank all the folks who compliled the movie for me and others to watch. I'm not sure where my life would have been without it--that's just it--NOW I know!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Saturday, January 13, 2007

January 13, 2007
Good morning all!
Forgive me, it has been way too long since my last post!
Here's the scoop--or part of it anyway. I don't hardly know where to begin.
  1. I am busy getting ready for my next travel assignment. (I'm a travel nurse--and proud of it!) I have switched to a new company for a time (that's another story--no problems--loved Cross Country TravCorp and Lourraine, my recruiter, they just didn't have what I needed at the time I needed it). I am going with American Mobile. They seem to be good too--lots of paperwork! I will be going to New Port Richey, FL. I start Feb. 5th and will be on the road again on Jan. 29. I'm going to be on the telemetry unit for 13 weeks (for now). Oh, the warm breezes and sunshine are calling me. My biggest problem is what NOT to take --of my crafts that is---I want to take it all! A couple-two-three cats will be coming with me and Chris will be staying at the homestead in North Adams with the other kitties. I'm going to be renting my own place when I get there so I EXPECT some visitors. The Strawberry Festival is March 1-11th. Check out their site-- .
  2. I am currently working at Fairview Hospital in GB per diem. It's a great little place, just too far for me to drive daily (1 1/2 hours--each way). Maybe someday I'll move closer--then again maybe I'll move to Fl and 'travel' up here to them? I wish I had the answers.
  3. New additions to the family lately: Amy and Josh had baby Ian December 23rd. Healthy, happy and very cute. Baby Jeffrey is doing well as is Miss Jayden, Miss Maya and Miss Ava. (That's 5 grand children for Debbie! And I remain the 'crazy' Aunt C with none right now--that's OK with me!!!!)
  4. Christmas was good. I didn't get to put all the decorations up that I wanted---I have NUMEROUS boxes of them. The tree looked good. I have an artificial tree that really does look good, it's just that it is THE worst thing to put up. It is an all day affair. --It's still up. Taking it down is a chore too. Christmas eve at Mom's was a little disheveled due to people having to work and the new baby, but I think all had a good time. And the same for the dinner at the Williams Inn. Uncle Butch and Jan's yearly soire' was yummy as always. We all missed Jeff, Jess, Jayden and baby Jeffrey. And Jeremy, Heather, Maya and baby Ava, but hoped all was well with them too.
  5. The weather...........? Still no snow here---that's OK with me!!! But talk about global warming. It's raining here today. The temp is 46 deg. The farmers are not too happy as the plants that need the winter think it's over and are starting to grow now--tulips and apple buds to name some. How crazy--the farmers in the south are saying the opposite. --Go figure.
  6. And lastly---what this blog is dedicated to: my crafts!!!! I finished one baby blanket for baby Ian, the Moeibus shrug for Deb (still not feeling the love for it yet), a baby hat for ...?, a cute bag for me, two scrapbook calenders (easy), I made all my Christmas cards--loved them. I'm working on a knitted scarf for Chris, Miss Jayden's hat (had to frog that as it was way tooooo big!), my second sock, I think I'll have to either redo the first as it is too short or give them to my sister-they match her shrug--ugg. And I've been doing some beading again lately, I love that. I have to go through my 'totes' to see which will come with me to Fl. AND, and ....THE mother of all sales is on the 18th-21st this year. It's at Wonderful Things in Great Barrington, MA. Early birds get the best worms!!!! Ill be there.

Well is that enough?!

I think I'm good for a while. I'm not sure if I will have a computer in FL but I'll try to post when I can. I'll add pics as a new post--still can't get the hang of this blog thing. Pics that I post always go to the beginnning. (!)

Take care and.......justwannacraft,CathyM

PS Don't forget to check out our My Family site and fill in your info--thanks. Email me if you need a new password.