Saturday, August 25, 2007

Quick note...

Hi all.
Just an update.
I'm still at The Cape. Hyannis is nice. The hospital is like most others--understaffed, busy and of course the unit I'm on isn't the one I signed up for! Well, "sort-of".
I'm only a little bitter as I thought this was going to be a 'really good' assignment. It is just a 'good' one.
I do love nursing, I just don't want to be half-truthed anymore!
I want out. I do not want to work hospital anymore unless I can decide if I like it after a period of time and be able to leave without repercussions! You know--to find out if they are telling me the truth or not about staffing, the unit, the type of patients I will be caring for. Not to walk in and feel like you took the wrong turn somewhere and ended up in The Bates Motel!
No it's not that bad!
It's better than the last 3 places I have been to.
And the staff is nice and 'traveler-friendly' --Big Plus.
I have 5 weeks left and I'm sure it will go by fast--then I will be job hunting all over again. No more traveling. Can you stand it?
Bye for now,

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