Monday, August 02, 2010


     That seems to be my buzz word these days.  Never have enough of it, can't find it, always trying to come up with it.   
     I have so much to do all the time and only a small bit of time can I really get going--I mean all out, great guns, dig my heals in motivated!   I wish I could bottle it when I do have it.   Oh I get stuff done, it's just that what I do get done are the mundane daily schumtz stuff---the stuff that needs to get done BEFORE I can dig in and do the 'really want to get this done' list stuff. 
     I am trying to walk and ride my NEW bike more to get more energy---'they' say that you have to use energy to get it----still haven't figured that theory out!   I only know that my legs and bottom are sore from riding.  ---and yes, there is an ever so slight incline on the Ashuwilticook Trail heading south!   (I hope I spelled that right.)   But the ride back is glorious!
     I think this has a hint of umph from the Audible book ( I just finished.   Eat, Pray, Love   by Elizabeth Gillbert.  Good book,  a bit wordy at times, but good.  The movie is coming out in August.   I should be so  able to be able to 'take a year off' and travel.  ---Who does that!!!!
     I'm working back at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital--only as a traveler though.  Love it there!  I'm on the second floor and so wish I could stay.   That would be nice, however......I'd have to move---not the worse thing to do--have done it once or twice before (I know---stop!)  And I really don't think there are any open spots.  I applied to a couple local jobs.  We'll see about those.  Not hospital though so it would be a change.  Change is good.   Otherwise, travel again!

     And Crafts!...................
                  Well, I am just starting to get my craft room back together.   It was 'dumped' out when I was on assignment in Florida this past spring---not by my choice!   That is where I need the motivation, ironically enough!  Of all places I can't get going!  I think I have 'crafters block'.   All I want to do is craft!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I am having a heck of a time coming together in there.    
     I did buy a bunch of 99 cent (I just realized there is no cent sign on my keyboard)  --99 cent patterns --9-- at Joann's last week (they were originally $14-$19 ----who pays that!!??).  I needed to update stock.  And a bunch of other little stuff.  I'd love to do something of it but I keep getting distracted.  I think it is subliminal.   I just haven't figured out why though.  

     And my "Bucket List"....
     I think I had one from years ago when the movie came out but must have lost it.    I have three pages so far.  
   ---Things I want to do.  (Learn Italian)
   ---Places to visit.   (Go to Italy--if it wasn't for my cats, I'm not sure I'd come back.)
   ---My Donations (people, places or things I'd like to give to).    (ASPCA)
     I'm not getting any younger so I needed to get writing it down and put it out there for the Universe to see---otherwise how will it respond?!

     That's all for now.  Wish me courage, wisdom and motivation---as I do you!  
     And as usual...I'll try to post pics later.  .................Off to do.