Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Me again.
It's April 24 and the weather is starting to resemble spring for a well needed change.
I am thinking good thoughts about the sun and warmth--it works!
I'm working at the "Inn" now until BMC calls me to give me the job in the CCU that I've been waiting for. Good thing, the money is OK, but nursing money is soooo much more.
(update: Florida job/AM was not good--enough said--I'm home now and not traveling. Took a 'break' from nursing for a couple of months to rethink things. I highly advise it for those in a rut or just have been through a bad stretch of nursing jobs--for me it was 3 bad assignments in a row--NOT good. I seriously thought about leaving nursing. Doesn't say much about the establishments I worked in, does it? Then I remembered that I am in control of my own destiny and I needed to change things!---and I did!)
I can hardly wait to go through the ccu course to start learning and using my intelligence again. Waitressing is OK but --BD. I don't remember it being so cut throat or "favoring" 20-some years ago. We all worked together and got the job done. I want to work in a place where we are all working for the same end cause. Where people are actually helpful, encouraging and nice! --I know, someone from the Inn will probably read this and get mad at me--Hello! Eye opener! And no, not everyone there is that way--just enough of the ones that I work directly with to make it irritatingly ugly. There are enough of the really good people there to actually stay and try to make things better, but the money still wouldn't cut it--I can't afford to work there. I make more money in 8 hours nursing then I do there in a week--NO lie (and I would probably piss off more than a few people in the process--hell, I'm sure I already have by talking to the GM last week). Even people who don't work there tell me how tough it can be in the kitchen. I have a feeling it will change for the better. A new broom sweeps clean........

Hey! Isn't this blog about crafts????
Sorry, I got carried away. Here's the scoop.... I'm working on:

--a cape for me--yellow with multi color trim--almost done.
--a bag for my sister--don't worry she won't read this--It's from the book she gave on crochet bags. She dreaded giving me the book as she thought she'd actually get one---guess what? she will but she's not a crafter and doesn't know my creative capabilities to make her one that she'll actually like!--Ha Ha.
--and other little things too numerous to remember or think about right now----you know me---I Love to start things. I'm little slow on the finishing part, but I'm getting better.
Will post pics later.
Bye for now. And remember:
Thoughts become things, choose good ones!