Saturday, August 05, 2017

August 5, 2017 I'm Back...........

Just a quick note today.
I hope to be back to the blog at least on a weekly basis.
I need a place to record all the great crafty things I like and see and play with.  There have been so many great new things that I can hardly stand it....
Can you just stand it!!!???
They launched it this week for a couple hundred (? exact # unknown) awesome crafty folks who got to see the unveiling and got to play with it!  I would have given my next born son to have been there!  (HaHa!)  ....and they all got one at the end of the event!!!!  OMG!
This link shows the whole introduction with the Easy Press and the new Maker machine....can I just say I was GLUED to the screen!!!! 
I am in LOVE!!! And I will have one.....'s just a question of whether I can wait until October 3rd when it launches on HSN with Anna Griffin or in August when it goes to JoAnns....hum....they snuck this image into our email last week...
COMING SOON! NEW Cricut Machine.
Never mind a 'j-o-b', THIS is what I want to do!!!
 This is what I am passionate about, all that I think about throughout the day and before I go to bed at night.  I know it sounds so corny, so, "ok so she like to 'craft', can you stand it?!"
It IS my everything.

This new Maker Machine will combine and revolutionize how so many of us craft AND sew!!!....Wait did you hear that?!  SEW!!! Oh yeah.  It will cut your fabric....and the best part...BEST that it will MARK your patterns with all those little triangles and 'place here' marks with a washable marker.   OGM!!  Pinning and cutting...DONE!!!
I can't stand it.

...So much for a 'quick note'
that's it for today.
I will be back with more crafty awesomeness....
Bye for now.

 PS: I am NOT an affiliate and DO NOT get paid (yet) for any links I have posted...and I didn't get a free Maker machine... 😞... you have to have a big(ger) following to do that.  But, should you buy one, can you tell them you saw it here?  Thanks

PSS: And yes, I will need to go through and update soooo many of the links, not sure if some even exist...thanks for being patient. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shameless Plug!

Just a quick note...
Yes, I am a Rockwood Soy Co. Founding Consultant.
It is a wonderful, (currently) small company that makes all natural soy candles.  They are made from soy that is renewable and harvested here in the USA.  And they are made by hand.  The company is young...founded in 2012. 
This year (this month!) they will be launching their website.  (WooHoo!!)

The fragrances are sooooo yummy....Apple Harvest, Autumn Spice, Gingerbread House, Brownie Batter Cupcake and Blueberry Cheesecake (My new favorite!) just to name a few.  There are 33 'Classic' scents and 4 'Nature Spa' scents.
We have large, medium and small jar candles (similar to the other guys--only with more wax per jar and NO --ZERO toxins).  We have wooden wick Crackle candles.   We have tea lights, room sprays, melting blocks and out signature Biscuit melts.  

This year starts our new signature hand-painted warmers.  Only 1000 of each made and a new one a month.  Painted by a local Pennsylvania artist (our company is located there).
And yes we have a cause:  
Rockwood Soy is committed to raising awareness and donating to local pet shelters.  Purchases of our Biscuit Melts, Room sprays or Donation Bundle will provide treats, food or toys to a local shelter.  

Check out our site and drop me a line if you would be interested in purchasing or hosting a get-together for a few friends (so you can get free stuff!) 
Thanks, Cathy

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Close To My Heart Convention

CTMH Convention 2014 Highlights:

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

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Celebrate 30!

Come celebrate Close To My Heart's 30th anniversary!  Check us out at my site.  Thanks