Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deerfield Christmas craft fair.....

Hi all!    
I  had an absolutely wonderful time at the fair--not once but twice!  I went one day with Gina and the second with my sister Deb.  How could I not go two days?!  I would have gone again if it were there longer--it was THE only craft fair that I was able to go to all year!!!!  Such a deprived crafter.  That's what I get for having another 'job' life.  And boy did I need to recharge my crafting batteries.   Oh my, all the wonderful things there I could have bought! ---even as a crafter!  (We crafters--me anyway--have such a hard time making 'craft' purchases because the phrase "Oh, I can make that...." keeps coming up!  And I usually go home empty handed!  Silly me.  This time I gave myself permission ahead of time the 'ok' to buy something!  And I did!  (I'll post all that I bought in another post so I can give due credit to those folks.)  
The picture above is the finished product of one of the demonstrations they had.  We received 'kits' (huge fan of kits!) to make this little Christmas tree felted ornament and then we (Gina and I) took it further and embellished them.  Big thanks to Rocking Chair Stitches at   http://www.rockingchairstitches.com/ and Michelle Harter for a fun kit and helping me to recharge my batteries.  I will be getting more kits from her in the future.  
Long day and I'm tired.  I will be dreaming of crafty things.  
Bye for now.  

Monday, August 02, 2010


     That seems to be my buzz word these days.  Never have enough of it, can't find it, always trying to come up with it.   
     I have so much to do all the time and only a small bit of time can I really get going--I mean all out, great guns, dig my heals in motivated!   I wish I could bottle it when I do have it.   Oh I get stuff done, it's just that what I do get done are the mundane daily schumtz stuff---the stuff that needs to get done BEFORE I can dig in and do the 'really want to get this done' list stuff. 
     I am trying to walk and ride my NEW bike more to get more energy---'they' say that you have to use energy to get it----still haven't figured that theory out!   I only know that my legs and bottom are sore from riding.  ---and yes, there is an ever so slight incline on the Ashuwilticook Trail heading south!   (I hope I spelled that right.)   But the ride back is glorious!
     I think this has a hint of umph from the Audible book (http://www.audible.com/) I just finished.   Eat, Pray, Love   by Elizabeth Gillbert.  Good book,  a bit wordy at times, but good.  The movie is coming out in August.   I should be so ...so...lucky/financially  able to be able to 'take a year off' and travel.  ---Who does that!!!!
     I'm working back at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital--only as a traveler though.  Love it there!  I'm on the second floor and so wish I could stay.   That would be nice, however......I'd have to move---not the worse thing to do--have done it once or twice before (I know---stop!)  And I really don't think there are any open spots.  I applied to a couple local jobs.  We'll see about those.  Not hospital though so it would be a change.  Change is good.   Otherwise, travel again!

     And Crafts!...................
                  Well, I am just starting to get my craft room back together.   It was 'dumped' out when I was on assignment in Florida this past spring---not by my choice!   That is where I need the motivation, ironically enough!  Of all places I can't get going!  I think I have 'crafters block'.   All I want to do is craft!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I am having a heck of a time coming together in there.    
     I did buy a bunch of 99 cent (I just realized there is no cent sign on my keyboard)  --99 cent patterns --9-- at Joann's last week (they were originally $14-$19 ----who pays that!!??).  I needed to update stock.  And a bunch of other little stuff.  I'd love to do something of it but I keep getting distracted.  I think it is subliminal.   I just haven't figured out why though.  

     And my "Bucket List"....
     I think I had one from years ago when the movie came out but must have lost it.    I have three pages so far.  
   ---Things I want to do.  (Learn Italian)
   ---Places to visit.   (Go to Italy--if it wasn't for my cats, I'm not sure I'd come back.)
   ---My Donations (people, places or things I'd like to give to).    (ASPCA)
     I'm not getting any younger so I needed to get writing it down and put it out there for the Universe to see---otherwise how will it respond?!

     That's all for now.  Wish me courage, wisdom and motivation---as I do you!  
     And as usual...I'll try to post pics later.  .................Off to do.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

River Rock Socks

Hi Crafters!

I finished a pair of socks I had been working on (SSS==second sock syndrome) for some time.  That is not the name of the socks I just like it and it describes the yarn.  I say that because I lost the band that describes the yarn?  And I forgot where I bought it.  It is wool, soft and not scratchy though.   The pattern is named Shell-edged Socks and they were from the book The portable Crafter--Crochet by Carolyn Christmas.   Great little book.  I have done a lot of things in it. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Leg warmers

I finished the leg warmers for Miss Jayden, my (grand)-niece.  They are deep purple and are meant to be warn high when she goes horse back riding.  They are crocheted with LB Homespun.  I now know I'm not really fond of working with Homespun.  It is difficult to work with especially a dark color and it pulls if you don't hook it just right.  I may need to put some light elastic in the bands to keep them up a bit better. 
One looks a bit bigger and I hope it is because the other was made a couple of weeks ago and I think the first has had time to 'settle' a bit. 
I am now working on finishing up the second sock of the crocheted socks I started quite a long time ago.  I don't know why I haven't picked it up sooner as it is working up quickly.  I did check and recheck--read rip here--to make sure they will be the same size as I forgot which hook I used before.  I have a habit of changing patterns, etc frequently and most times I use sticky notes to note what I did change but I didn't with this one.      The yarn is wool and with crochet the pattern will be a bit thicker,  I think they will be more of a slipper sock or to be used with my boots.   I will post a pic when they are all done. 
--Side note--
I got to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight (wow), love that show.  (And private Practice and Castle --my new favorite show--- NATHAN FILLION is such a cutie.)
Long day, getting for bed soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Day and New Attitude, Time to "Crush It!"

Good Morning!
It's a new day and I'm feeling like a change is coming. I just listened to an audio book by Gary Vaynerchuk entitled, "Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion". I downloaded it from http://www.audible.com/.
Great listen with real advise and resources to get your passion going! No more whining from me!
No more excuses!
No more lollygagging!
It's time to live my passion and that is Crafting!
After all, that is what this blog is about!
So here goes!

Last night (while I listened to 'Crush It") I did some paper crafting and put together an address book. The book itself was premade--3.5" x 4.5". I needed to put on the a-z tabs. They were 'rub-on' letters, small, black and just barely fit. The outside cover was cut from paper included in the kit (gotta love kits!) that I placed on with double sided tape. And then wrapped with a piece of ribbon (also applied with double sided tape). I sort of tipped the ribbon for a diagonal effect. And lastly I applied a tag board label that had applied a brad to; that I matched pretty well I think. I don't like the printing I did and will change that. Here is the semi-finished product:

Mom always said to sign my work....I will make a better signage though and front label. Well, how do you like it? Pics could be a bit better but I'll work on that. I just wanted to get a post up for today.

I love paper crafting, and especially making cards. I will be doing more of what my passion is! Thanks for now.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rants and Raves! ---Mostly Rants :(

Hey all, That time again...to play catch up!
My blog is behind, my Avon is slow and my a** is draggin'.
It's time to jump start my life!!!!!!!!!
Literally I worked out 15 min (hey it's a start) on my rebounder. I ate a good breakfast and lunch. And I'm catching up on my blog. Life is looking up.
Work however, has been a bit of a downer. I am very grateful for the private duty job I have, however it just is about 1/2 of what I made a year and a half ago. Unfortunately my bills and rent didn't get cut in half! So I have been feeling a huge crunch lately. 2009 ended about as bad as it could get. I sure hope 2010 is better!
I have been applying to nearly every job I can; even travel jobs that really are either too short or pay low. Locally, NONE ---NONE of the 5 hospitals are hiring (--at least not someone with 13 years experience. I imagine due to the fact that they'd have to pay me a bit more than a new grad--no resentment there.). I'd take a travel job even though it means I have to quit my current job and then pray that when it ended I got another travel job as my current job would be gone. How do you like that rock and hard place!?
My Avon would be OK if it weren't for the winter--it's hard to peddle Avon in the cold and snow. And I HATE cold and snow! I really wish things were different with my family---that they lived further south for one! It is the ONLY thing that keeps me here. I have been threatening my son to be alert. (He lives at home--another hinderance to my life--love you Chris, but it's time you found your own thing--whatever that may be.)
But I am seriously (I think I said this before) thinking of how I can move to Florida next year. The money has to be better and I need to get a hospital job--soon. You hear of people not liking the New England winters.....but for me it is 10 times worse than any SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) you can think of. I hate being cold. I hate not being able to go out without an extra 20 lbs of clothing, or not being able to feel my fingers for 9 months of the year! I'm whining I know, but it sucks, it really does.
Think of what I could do in Dunedin, Florida (where I'd like to have a home). I could sell my Avon and have plants and a nice garden, open the windows and let in the fresh air. Oh, I know you have a cold spell right now, but you just don't know cold until you are in it for 9 months. And your sun shines every day---every day! We see sun maybe once every couple of weeks! Really! And I know it is hot in the summer--I don't care!!!!!!!! I need it bad!
There is so much to do there. There is nothing to do here unless you like winter sports----were you listening to me above??!!
If there is any kind soul out there that has a need to help someone or that has money to donate/loan/share/give away, than I'm your cause. I'm really not looking for a hand out. I'm a hard worker and would pay back. I just don't see a way right now to pull myself up. Me of all people, who has seen The Secret more times than I should admit--me who has listened to half of all motivational/inspirational/uplifting/positive,etc,etc,etc....stuff out there!
One of them is titled--get this--"It's not about the money." You know, I know it's not about the money, but Jesus, Mary and Joseph! What is it about if you have NO money!? All the folks who write that stuff don't have to worry about the money. Get real! I am behind in ALL of my bills, rent, you name it and my poor truck is on it's last leg. People say they live week to week--well my week ends after the 2nd day--if I'm lucky. I play catch-up with who didn't get paid last week with who is about to get shut off this week. There was no Christmas in our house--hell even my son said he didn't think he'd ask for anything as he knew there wasn't any money for it. You can't make money if you don't either 1. have a good job or 2. have money! The person who wrote the article above --get this; has a program he sells --to make money-- that costs thousands of dollars---thousands! Get real! I think he is a good motivational speaker but I would love to thump him upside the head and ask him, 'What were you thinking?'. I guess I'm just out of that league. I don't ask for much and I usually try to be positive, but it wears you down after so long.
I don't even feel like doing my crafts much as my craft room is too small and cluttered to work in and I feel guilty doing any because I'm not 'making money' at it. (If I thought Clean House wouldn't make me get rid of my crafts I'd call them--they can have everything else though!)
There is another area of contention in this house--our crap! Way too much and this after I am trying to clear it out.
(Side note--I think I am just writing to hear myself think as I don't think anyone else will actually read all this ____ fill in the blank!)
Oh well, I need to put in another 'get-up-and-go' cd and get something done around here. I have asked for help, but I don't think my family wants to enter this den o'crap. Besides everyone is too busy with their own crap. (Which is why I ocassionally feel better about going to Florida as I really don't think anyone would even know I was gone until they needed something.)
Any suggestions for a career change? I always thought I would do OK selling my wares at Pier 60 (?) in Clearwater. If I just had enough to get going......
Peace and Love for 2010,
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