Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Day and New Attitude, Time to "Crush It!"

Good Morning!
It's a new day and I'm feeling like a change is coming. I just listened to an audio book by Gary Vaynerchuk entitled, "Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion". I downloaded it from
Great listen with real advise and resources to get your passion going! No more whining from me!
No more excuses!
No more lollygagging!
It's time to live my passion and that is Crafting!
After all, that is what this blog is about!
So here goes!

Last night (while I listened to 'Crush It") I did some paper crafting and put together an address book. The book itself was premade--3.5" x 4.5". I needed to put on the a-z tabs. They were 'rub-on' letters, small, black and just barely fit. The outside cover was cut from paper included in the kit (gotta love kits!) that I placed on with double sided tape. And then wrapped with a piece of ribbon (also applied with double sided tape). I sort of tipped the ribbon for a diagonal effect. And lastly I applied a tag board label that had applied a brad to; that I matched pretty well I think. I don't like the printing I did and will change that. Here is the semi-finished product:

Mom always said to sign my work....I will make a better signage though and front label. Well, how do you like it? Pics could be a bit better but I'll work on that. I just wanted to get a post up for today.

I love paper crafting, and especially making cards. I will be doing more of what my passion is! Thanks for now.


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