Thursday, June 28, 2007

Job thing again....


Here I go again.

Brattleboro was a bust. Rutland a bust. VNA--I'll get back to them--I thought was a bust.

The travel job at the Cape: a go. The manager called me back and offered me the position. And well, since I have not worked in a WHILE (read here: stir-crazy and financially --nil) I took the job. It sounds like a great job.

I will be in the 'Express Admission' unit. Kind of like a pit stop on the way to the unit a patient is being admitted to. I will do the admission and paperwork, orders, etc. Makes things much easier on the floor nurses.

And the best part:
The Housing!

Most of you have seen the house I will be in (via the email I sent). A great little house in the middle of Hyannis. Two bedrooms, yard, everything and I do mean everything is included in the house. I had to unpack one box as I didn't need it! I still am bringing some of my own things--to be like home. You know--my crafts!!!!

I am literally one mile away from the hospital and the ocean. And a half mile away from the Cape Cod Mall ( )and The Christmas Tree shop ( scroll down to the Hyannis shop). Those from around here know they originated in the Cape .
I'll be there from June 29 (this friday) through Oct 3 (longer if I extend--but let's not get ahead of ourselves).

Now for the VNA position.

I got a call from them Tuesday with an offer for a full time position--UUUGGHH! (Can you see Charlie Brown lying on the ground as Lucy pulls the football out?) I am so bummed! I soooooo wanted a local position. And they offered me a good rate, 40 hours, insurance!

I had to decline as I had already signed, sealed, and delivered the travel contract. I assumed after the last call two weeks ago that I they were looking at someone else and not me, and well that's what I get for assuming! I needed a job and after being without for so long I had to take the first offer that came. I don't expect them to hold it for 3 months, but I will let them know that I am still interested--seriously. That's the problem with traveling; in 13 weeks I have to do this all over again--looking for another position. I want to be done with that--I just got my craft room settled and now I have to pick and choose what to bring on assignment.

Yes, it's a GREAT assignment, but.....
Off to finish packing.
I won't be posting for a while as the computer isn't coming with me (Huge sobs here!!!) I will be looking for the library there. I'm leaving tomorrow morning and should be there by early afternoon--better be there early afternoon--it's the weekend and I'm told the traffic is Unbearable.

Then Saturday--exploring! Yeah.


(source for photo of Hyannis Port: Thanks.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs....

Me again...
Well, no call from Rutland. That's OK. I found a job at Brattleboro--traveler. I had my recruiter submit it yesterday and I am awaiting the call for the interview! I know it will come today!
Cape Cod is very nice, but I do not want to travel that long at this time.
Great pay, and housing bonus at Brattleboro. If ever the power of attraction was to work in my life-- now is the time.
Talk to you soon, Cathy

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hi all.
I renewed my personal AVON website today.
It will be 'in progress' for the next few days or so, so I can configure it. You still can go there and browse or buy if you like. I will be sending a personal invite to people later.
More to come......
On another note...
In my never ending job search...
Here are the stats:
  1. Dr's office: Hired someone else with office experience (but has 3 month trial period and I was told they would keep my app on file).
  2. BMC: What can I say about them?! I have done all that I can but am still stuck in HR-land, who buy the way won't return my calls--(This after the CCU director herself called ME to offer me a job (months ago it seems like)--and this past Sunday saw posted in the Eagle NUMEROUS jobs posted).
  3. SVMC: Hired from 'within' for CCU position--no new postings.
  4. NARH: What can I say about them too?! --couldn't get any closer! Hired from within, hired more qualified, no more postings, won't return calls.
  5. VNA: Interviewed, sounded good, spoke to someone a week later who said they have another candidate they were also looking at and it would be about a week and thank-you for your interest. What's that tell you!? Pay stunk anyway.
  6. CCTC: Travel jobs: Burlington jobs filled, awaiting Rutland, Cape Cod I will call after I post this--the best option right now. Best pay, free housing, free insurance from day one, 12 hr shifts for 13 weeks.
  7. Vacations may be on me at The Cape this summer.

I'll update this later today....justwannacraft,CathyM

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lots to see today....

Hi all!
Me again, Finally posting some pics. (They are in the next {last} couple of posts). I know I have more but--you know. Yadda-Yadda, the dog ate my homework......
I'm also working on the second of those socks ;) SSS!
and a shawl, and a knitted pair of socks (like the mini ones), and still doing the edge of the other shawl--that's basically done except for the fringe!
----And everything else that is hanging around in a tote somewhere. Can you tell I like to start things. And did I tell you how many totes I have?
Also, I have pics of the little'uns but have to get permission before I post them.
Enjoy all.

Yup, More Pics!

This is a tote bag I made last week. It is made from old leftover rug yarn I've had for a long time. It is the same back and front--just reverse the colors and has these neat built-in pockets. Very little sewing. I used stashed silver buttons that have engraved hearts on them. You can see below the pocket--and my favorite read (that came in the mail today!). (Crochet Today for those non-crafters)

This is a nother crocheted sock made from worsted. It wears well with my Crocs! Loved the orangy colors.

A Few Pics....I know, I know, I'm late!

My Toddler, Montana.
PS: See the navy, yellow, orange thing behind him? That's a crocheted shawl I made in 1979! Can you believe it? No pattern, just needed something to do on a bus ride to (? from) FL one year and had this worsted yarn in my bag with probably an H hook! It is the best testament to how well Red Heart yarn holds up. And it is still soft. Keeps my shoulders warm when I'm watching TV in bed. ----Enough of the stroll down melancholy lane.

My first pair of knitted socks. They were made on circulars--the ONLY way I will knit socks! They are little--samples I suppose, but will fit Ian. Too cute.

My crocheted socks made from Cascade.

Front and back of my (finally) sewn, lined, rhinestoned, lighthouse vest! The inside, I am proud to say, is as nice to wear as the outside.

My summery hat, Love it! Very easy!
....more coming ....justwannacraft,CathyM