Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hi all.
I renewed my personal AVON website today.
It will be 'in progress' for the next few days or so, so I can configure it. You still can go there and browse or buy if you like. I will be sending a personal invite to people later.
More to come......
On another note...
In my never ending job search...
Here are the stats:
  1. Dr's office: Hired someone else with office experience (but has 3 month trial period and I was told they would keep my app on file).
  2. BMC: What can I say about them?! I have done all that I can but am still stuck in HR-land, who buy the way won't return my calls--(This after the CCU director herself called ME to offer me a job (months ago it seems like)--and this past Sunday saw posted in the Eagle NUMEROUS jobs posted).
  3. SVMC: Hired from 'within' for CCU position--no new postings.
  4. NARH: What can I say about them too?! --couldn't get any closer! Hired from within, hired more qualified, no more postings, won't return calls.
  5. VNA: Interviewed, sounded good, spoke to someone a week later who said they have another candidate they were also looking at and it would be about a week and thank-you for your interest. What's that tell you!? Pay stunk anyway.
  6. CCTC: Travel jobs: Burlington jobs filled, awaiting Rutland, Cape Cod I will call after I post this--the best option right now. Best pay, free housing, free insurance from day one, 12 hr shifts for 13 weeks.
  7. Vacations may be on me at The Cape this summer.

I'll update this later today....justwannacraft,CathyM

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