Thursday, June 28, 2007

Job thing again....


Here I go again.

Brattleboro was a bust. Rutland a bust. VNA--I'll get back to them--I thought was a bust.

The travel job at the Cape: a go. The manager called me back and offered me the position. And well, since I have not worked in a WHILE (read here: stir-crazy and financially --nil) I took the job. It sounds like a great job.

I will be in the 'Express Admission' unit. Kind of like a pit stop on the way to the unit a patient is being admitted to. I will do the admission and paperwork, orders, etc. Makes things much easier on the floor nurses.

And the best part:
The Housing!

Most of you have seen the house I will be in (via the email I sent). A great little house in the middle of Hyannis. Two bedrooms, yard, everything and I do mean everything is included in the house. I had to unpack one box as I didn't need it! I still am bringing some of my own things--to be like home. You know--my crafts!!!!

I am literally one mile away from the hospital and the ocean. And a half mile away from the Cape Cod Mall ( )and The Christmas Tree shop ( scroll down to the Hyannis shop). Those from around here know they originated in the Cape .
I'll be there from June 29 (this friday) through Oct 3 (longer if I extend--but let's not get ahead of ourselves).

Now for the VNA position.

I got a call from them Tuesday with an offer for a full time position--UUUGGHH! (Can you see Charlie Brown lying on the ground as Lucy pulls the football out?) I am so bummed! I soooooo wanted a local position. And they offered me a good rate, 40 hours, insurance!

I had to decline as I had already signed, sealed, and delivered the travel contract. I assumed after the last call two weeks ago that I they were looking at someone else and not me, and well that's what I get for assuming! I needed a job and after being without for so long I had to take the first offer that came. I don't expect them to hold it for 3 months, but I will let them know that I am still interested--seriously. That's the problem with traveling; in 13 weeks I have to do this all over again--looking for another position. I want to be done with that--I just got my craft room settled and now I have to pick and choose what to bring on assignment.

Yes, it's a GREAT assignment, but.....
Off to finish packing.
I won't be posting for a while as the computer isn't coming with me (Huge sobs here!!!) I will be looking for the library there. I'm leaving tomorrow morning and should be there by early afternoon--better be there early afternoon--it's the weekend and I'm told the traffic is Unbearable.

Then Saturday--exploring! Yeah.


(source for photo of Hyannis Port: Thanks.

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