Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blog this....

Well you can not believe how hard at work I have been at trying to put a "Grab my Button" to my page! It has taken nearly forever!!! As simple as they are....ta da......
I did it!
A huge thanks to The Blogger Buster website
for their free online Blogger Template Design Series. I literally had been looking for how to do that {really} simple task for way too long! And I had found the e-book through a back door and haven't even begone to explore all the fabulous other things they have to offer to help with a blog.
Please feel free to "Grab My Button"! I left one very simple- just the title itself for those who do not like a lot of clutter--which I really like and a teal colored one for a bit of bold. Now that I know how to do this PLEASE do come back after a while as I will be making a really personalized one.
And hey....I have discovered the world of podcasts for my ride to work (1 1/2 hr) and you can't believe how nice they are. Of course, I listen to craft podcasts: Craftlit, KnitPicks, Yarncraft, Socks in the City, The Crochet Side, Craftcast (love this one), Yarnthing and Stash and Burn. These are the ones I listen to frequently. And, yes I will soon have their buttons on my site---I only just got my own on...jeez!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Hello all!

Well time has flown by again and spring has finally sprung!!! It is actually a little chilly today in the 60's I think, but much better than 20's.
SOooooooooo much has been going on since I last blogged--that kind of sounds like a confessional thing. "Forgive me people for I have lagged...."

Here goes:


Well I worked at the VNA for 6 months and really liked it there and tried to do everything I needed to to love it, but, there were some things that didn't suit me right at this time so I left (on good terms and with per diem status) and took a job as a traveler again. I am commuting back and forth to Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (see above) (1 & 1/4 hr drive) working 5-8hr evenings. I never thought I'd like the evenings too much but it's going well. Everyone there is very nice and friendly and the work is very good. ---Very good! I will definitely travel here again--they have already asked me to sign up again. I was hoping to go out to the cape again this summer but that hasn't panned out -yet.


What can I say! I am still on River Street--the loud noise, the road GRIME on everything, and the neighbors! I have GOT to get my 'grand old farmhouse'. And I think I've found it. There is a house for rent that is in the country, that has a huge yard, lots of rooms and -- and MORE than one bathroom! Plus no other tenants in the house!!!!!!!!And it is not very much more money. I will just work smarter to get more money--not harder. I'm sure it will work out. (Shhhh, Joe doesn't know yet)


Mom is back from FL for the summer. Drove back ON HER OWN from there! Not sure if she is happy about being back or not. Celebrating lots of events this month: Deb's birthday, Jeff's birthday, Jeremy's birthday, Jeremy and Heathers' anniversary and Mothers Day. And having a picnic hosted by Amy in honor of all at Deb's next Saturday.
Happy Birthday and Anniversary and Happy Mothers' Day to all!
And a big HOORAH goes out to Miss Jayden for her first ballet recital! She is the one directly to the right of the teacher, under the drapey sleeve.
You go girl!


I know this should always be first but somehow it keeps getting put on the back burner. My craft room is in disarray (big time). I'm having withdrawal. I really need to do some scrapbooking and I should be making cards right now instead of blogging (but that was so far behind I thought I'd do that first). When this posts I my computer will (continue to) be smokin'! Then I am going to crochet!
And, And.....I found the greatest thing!
It is all things handmade. You can buy or sell your hand made goods. Bookmark this as I will soon be making things to sell there. My 'store' name is (what else?) justwannacraftCathyM . It is part of my "working smarter-not harder" way to increase the money coming to me.
I'll keep you posted. And I also just recently was accepted to join
It is all things knit and crochet. My name there is (also real creative) catjmoses. I am making time everyday to do more of the things I really enjoy doing like my crafts. After all isn't that what life is all about!

And the last word.

I have been listening to Harmonic Wealth by James Ray. (The book can be found at It's a great book I bought on to listen to on my drives to/from work. It is a truly wonderful book about really having and enjoying your life to the fullest. I'm an avid
"The Secret" believer and this book not only compliments that but takes it to a much higher level.
And, on that note I will leave you.
Be well.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Hello again,
Finally an update to this blog...............
The job at the Cape was good. I wish I had stayed longer (?!) Can you stand it?! It wasn't so bad ( I actually did more crafts there than I have time for now at home!!). And quitting hospital forever...well, we all know about that forever thing (I really like hospital nursing when it's good.)
I have been doing VNA since last Oct 07 and even though I've only been there for 6 months I'm not liking it on the whole. It does have it's perks and bright spots (liked being able to go home if I forgot something or wearing real clothes-which can be good and bad), but as a forever career--no. I do give credit to the girls there--they are a good bunch of women--nothing against any one of them--all great to work with and helpful. I'm just not cut out for the home care thing.
Me who hates winter now has to trudge out in it daily! What was I thinking???!!! And the not so pleasant stuff that you encounter in some of the homes--really not so pleasant. And I'm truly a night owl--read here--it is now 1:20 am and I have to get up and work in the morning at 8 am.
There might be a few things that would make this job better: like actually only working from 8-3:30 (or 4:30 with an actual lunch--right) and not taking work home every night to finish (off the clock--what? I like to get paid when I work) besides, when I go home I want to leave the job at work, and I can't just do it the next day as the next day I have more new people to see. Or how about getting paid the same as our counterparts that work in the hospital (in the same company-unioned, but we are not--go figure)--not $6.00 less. I don't want to be on call once a week nor do I want to have weekend call once a month. And did I mention the pay? Oh yeah, I only make $24 something and have to pay for my insurance.
Charlie--I am traveler spoiled. I'm going to have to travel for the rest of my work days now--see what you did?
Not so bad when I look back on most of the assignments I've had. A couple were terrible-awful, but most were OK. ( I was just homesick most of the time) besides, I now know what to look for and ask for.
And I have made a few really good friends along the way and seen a lot of things I wouldn't have been able to normally.
Thanks Charlie (and Val). I'll be seeing you on the road again soon.