Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blog this....

Well you can not believe how hard at work I have been at trying to put a "Grab my Button" to my page! It has taken nearly forever!!! As simple as they are....ta da......
I did it!
A huge thanks to The Blogger Buster website
for their free online Blogger Template Design Series. I literally had been looking for how to do that {really} simple task for way too long! And I had found the e-book through a back door and haven't even begone to explore all the fabulous other things they have to offer to help with a blog.
Please feel free to "Grab My Button"! I left one very simple- just the title itself for those who do not like a lot of clutter--which I really like and a teal colored one for a bit of bold. Now that I know how to do this PLEASE do come back after a while as I will be making a really personalized one.
And hey....I have discovered the world of podcasts for my ride to work (1 1/2 hr) and you can't believe how nice they are. Of course, I listen to craft podcasts: Craftlit, KnitPicks, Yarncraft, Socks in the City, The Crochet Side, Craftcast (love this one), Yarnthing and Stash and Burn. These are the ones I listen to frequently. And, yes I will soon have their buttons on my site---I only just got my own on...jeez!

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