Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's been a loooonnng time.......

...What can I say? 'Kind of like my life right now....haven't done much there either these days.
I'm changing that too.

Well, the travel job at Brattleboro came to it's completion--boo,hoo. I liked everyone there. With the travel nursing job market as it is these days---non-existent(!), I had actually applied for a 'regular' job there. That is three fold:

  1. I could get to work with them again (that's ok, the gas prices are down)
  2. I flubbed up my chances for a travel job there.
  3. That's what I get for wanting to eat and pay the rent?!

Oh well, I do have a doctors' office job right now, I am very greatful for. I am having a time adjusting to not being a hospital nurse nor getting hospital/travel pay. That is difficult--especially since I have to work another job to make ends come barely close. I average about 70-80 hours a week out of the home for work and drive time.


My new (rented) house in Clarksburg is nice. I think I can even remember what it looks like.

The winter is here--it's not Florida, which I miss terribly!

Enough for now--time for--you guessed it--work!


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