Friday, September 11, 2009

Hi All.
Long time, no write, no kidding!
Well, I'm in Adams, MA. I'm living in the house that I was in 7 or so years ago--same house.
It's still small.....
But has potential.
We only moved back in Aug, so the house is still boxes and chaos (this stands for 'can't have anyone over syndrome'.
My craft room is coming along. Unfortunately when you try to cram 8 rooms of stuff into a 5 room house---well you know. Two of those rooms were craft rooms, so needless to say I am courageously trying to weed out my crafts.
Oh the pain!
It's like picking your favorite child--or I should say having to do so in front of the children.
NEWS flash:
I am back with AVON and selling with gusto!
I want to be one of those AVON ladies that make 6 figures.
YES, you heard me right 6 FIGURES!
Hey they are out there.
AVON has some pretty neat stuff these days:
*Highly Advanced Skin Care
*Great gifts, Fragrances, and Haircare for the Whole Family
*Family Entertainment & Educational Products
*New Jewelry, Clothing and Intimates
*All this and a Personal Shopping Guide!
How can you go wrong?
The link to my 24/7 Online Store is to the left.
Check it out.
Personal plug is over, hey how am I ever going to make 6 figures if I don't?
That's the biweekly sales I need to make Presidents Club this year. You know you want to check it out.........
Enough for now, boxes are calling. And I'm having a crafting withdrawal.
TaTa for now, cjm

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