Monday, May 21, 2007

CRAFTS, remember......?

Me again,

Yeah, I know --where are the crafts?

  1. I am working on 3 pairs of socks--crocheted. They are beautiful.
  2. I am almost finished with the poncho-like wrap--the fringe will be the death of me--you'll see when I post the pic.
  3. I have made a couple of dishcloths--quick work.
  4. Working on a very colorful little bag--using up gifted stash
  5. Made quite a few cards for all the birthdays and such--now just have to mail them out.
  6. I've been working on my craft room organizing and inventorying
  7. Trying like heck to believe I can live on crafting and let the Universe take care of the rest
  8. Awaiting my delivery of the 'Deluxe Ultimate Knitting Machine'. Any hints, tips and otherwise helpful places to go (online groups,etc) would be greatly appreciated. I've read it can be daunting--I'm a good direction reader--the only one in my family I think who does!

I promise I will post pics later--I have to get them into the camera first. Peace and love,



Hi all,

Update on the last post...

No longer at the Inn...too bad, I liked the folks there, but there was a bit of 'politics' that made the lack of money seem really not worth it. I wish the others well in their struggle for equality and encouraging work environment--Lord knows we all need that.

I have had my 'break' from nursing and ready to get back in but the whole 'nursing eat their young'-thing is beating me down. The nursing profession as a whole doesn't like to see nurses 'take a break'. The whole 'burn-out' thing is phony. At least that's how I have felt others have felt about me. I get the impression that having taken a break to get myself rejuvenated was looked upon as not good--that I should have sucked it up and taken it as they all do--that I wasn't good enough, I couldn't hack it in tough times and that maybe I'm not qualified to be a nurse!
I more than earned my battle scars. And this break has given me even more gumption to fight for what I want, what I believe in and move forward to better things. I will no longer accept mediocre--from anyone--co-worker or employer. And I think people are afraid of this. Don't be. I am the one who will stand by you to the end--if you are right. I am the one who will be the best employee you have--if the workplace is conducive to encouragement and advancement. I am the one who will be a great team player--not just a player.
Enough of that. I have done all I can to get a local job in both of the local hospitals. (I can't drive to Fairview an hour and a half. I wish I could, I loved it there--I just can't) I have applied to other nursing jobs and also await their word. I may have to leave the hospital setting. Not a bad thing, just a different one. Making a big change like that is confusing. Not knowing if it's the right thing or if one of the 'other' jobs will eventually come through. Not knowing if maybe I will really like it--not having the crazies of a hospital--the politics of a big place. A set schedule Mon-Fri, no holidays, 2 weeks vacation that I won't have to grovel for! What am I thinking!!!


I have asked the Universe to give me a good job. One that is pleasant to go to daily, that makes good money, has nice people to work with and for. Now I have to believe--live my life like I already have it and the Universe WILL provide.

Thank You, Cathy