Monday, May 21, 2007


Hi all,

Update on the last post...

No longer at the Inn...too bad, I liked the folks there, but there was a bit of 'politics' that made the lack of money seem really not worth it. I wish the others well in their struggle for equality and encouraging work environment--Lord knows we all need that.

I have had my 'break' from nursing and ready to get back in but the whole 'nursing eat their young'-thing is beating me down. The nursing profession as a whole doesn't like to see nurses 'take a break'. The whole 'burn-out' thing is phony. At least that's how I have felt others have felt about me. I get the impression that having taken a break to get myself rejuvenated was looked upon as not good--that I should have sucked it up and taken it as they all do--that I wasn't good enough, I couldn't hack it in tough times and that maybe I'm not qualified to be a nurse!
I more than earned my battle scars. And this break has given me even more gumption to fight for what I want, what I believe in and move forward to better things. I will no longer accept mediocre--from anyone--co-worker or employer. And I think people are afraid of this. Don't be. I am the one who will stand by you to the end--if you are right. I am the one who will be the best employee you have--if the workplace is conducive to encouragement and advancement. I am the one who will be a great team player--not just a player.
Enough of that. I have done all I can to get a local job in both of the local hospitals. (I can't drive to Fairview an hour and a half. I wish I could, I loved it there--I just can't) I have applied to other nursing jobs and also await their word. I may have to leave the hospital setting. Not a bad thing, just a different one. Making a big change like that is confusing. Not knowing if it's the right thing or if one of the 'other' jobs will eventually come through. Not knowing if maybe I will really like it--not having the crazies of a hospital--the politics of a big place. A set schedule Mon-Fri, no holidays, 2 weeks vacation that I won't have to grovel for! What am I thinking!!!


I have asked the Universe to give me a good job. One that is pleasant to go to daily, that makes good money, has nice people to work with and for. Now I have to believe--live my life like I already have it and the Universe WILL provide.

Thank You, Cathy

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