Saturday, January 16, 2010

Leg warmers

I finished the leg warmers for Miss Jayden, my (grand)-niece.  They are deep purple and are meant to be warn high when she goes horse back riding.  They are crocheted with LB Homespun.  I now know I'm not really fond of working with Homespun.  It is difficult to work with especially a dark color and it pulls if you don't hook it just right.  I may need to put some light elastic in the bands to keep them up a bit better. 
One looks a bit bigger and I hope it is because the other was made a couple of weeks ago and I think the first has had time to 'settle' a bit. 
I am now working on finishing up the second sock of the crocheted socks I started quite a long time ago.  I don't know why I haven't picked it up sooner as it is working up quickly.  I did check and recheck--read rip here--to make sure they will be the same size as I forgot which hook I used before.  I have a habit of changing patterns, etc frequently and most times I use sticky notes to note what I did change but I didn't with this one.      The yarn is wool and with crochet the pattern will be a bit thicker,  I think they will be more of a slipper sock or to be used with my boots.   I will post a pic when they are all done. 
--Side note--
I got to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight (wow), love that show.  (And private Practice and Castle --my new favorite show--- NATHAN FILLION is such a cutie.)
Long day, getting for bed soon.

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