Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deerfield Christmas craft fair.....

Hi all!    
I  had an absolutely wonderful time at the fair--not once but twice!  I went one day with Gina and the second with my sister Deb.  How could I not go two days?!  I would have gone again if it were there longer--it was THE only craft fair that I was able to go to all year!!!!  Such a deprived crafter.  That's what I get for having another 'job' life.  And boy did I need to recharge my crafting batteries.   Oh my, all the wonderful things there I could have bought! ---even as a crafter!  (We crafters--me anyway--have such a hard time making 'craft' purchases because the phrase "Oh, I can make that...." keeps coming up!  And I usually go home empty handed!  Silly me.  This time I gave myself permission ahead of time the 'ok' to buy something!  And I did!  (I'll post all that I bought in another post so I can give due credit to those folks.)  
The picture above is the finished product of one of the demonstrations they had.  We received 'kits' (huge fan of kits!) to make this little Christmas tree felted ornament and then we (Gina and I) took it further and embellished them.  Big thanks to Rocking Chair Stitches at   http://www.rockingchairstitches.com/ and Michelle Harter for a fun kit and helping me to recharge my batteries.  I will be getting more kits from her in the future.  
Long day and I'm tired.  I will be dreaming of crafty things.  
Bye for now.  

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