Monday, February 28, 2011

Last day of February

    Well here we are on the last day of February and it is a nasty day out.  Sleet, freezing rain and a little snow.   Other than shoveling--which is my favorite activity (!) I feel like I have been stuck in this house for the last 3 days--days off I might add!   I did go out to get a few groceries the other day, but that's it.    It's depressing. My drive way is covered in a layer of ice, heavy snow, ice and now rain (aka: more ice).   ....And I don't even have a pair of ice skates!   I know, I know, they say that spring is coming.  They say that it is getting warmer.  Well,  gee I can't wait for spring to bring on the mud in my now frozen driveway!  I'm sorry I'm such a gloomy gus, but I truly do not like winter. 
   Crafting you say?  I wish I could say that I have been a crafting fool in this house but I can't.  I've worked on one mitten.  That's it--one mitten.  And it's not finished.  I really need a vacation of at the very least a few days away.  
    There is a scrapbook retreat coming up in April on my weekend off and I think I am going to go!  It is at Johnson & Wales Inn  in Seekonk, MA.  It's called the "Spring Fling Scrap-a-way Retreat and there is info on their website:   Everything is included
    Well enough for now.  Not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of the day until I have to work tonight (11-7).  Pray that the roads are plowed I suppose.  
      And hey,  do check out my new link to Crafter's Companion.  Please.  They have some really cool scrap-booking and crafting stuff.   Thanks, Cathy    (I can dream can't I?)

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