Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Secret

Hi all.
Just me popping in. I guess mostly for me.
I have added a new link to the sidebar.
The Secret.
I ordered the movie and I love it! I watch it almost every day. It is inspiring in every way. I believe that now I am in control of my destiny. I used to think that if I only had a glimpse of what was in store for me, if I could just some how know what the future was going to be I would be OK. I could at least go in that direction and be on the right track.
Now I know that I am writing my own future and destiny and I BELIEVE it! I wrote the script and I am directing it. ---No more wishing and hoping for a glimpse--- I just declare it!
I have to say that it is quite empowering to be in control.
I would like to buy everyone I know a copy of it. That way everyone else will have the same positive attitude. The attitude of believing. We would like to think that we believe good things are going to happen but we don't expect them to.
That is the difference with me now ---I EXPECT GOOD THINGS TO HAPPEN.
I put out a request--a command to the universe for certain things to happen to me and they will!!
I have an attitude of grattitude for this and so much more!
I thank all the folks who compliled the movie for me and others to watch. I'm not sure where my life would have been without it--that's just it--NOW I know!

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