Friday, August 03, 2012

A few good things....

Good Morning!
I am told I have some catching up to do on this blog so here goes....

Where to start....actually this probably won't be in any chronological order...sorry...just more ramblings.

I am going to the Scrap-A-Way retreat in Leominster!  --Next Friday actually.  Unfortunately not with my 'retreat' friend Linda.  (I hope you are getting better Linda and hope to see you again soon.) 
It promises to be a good retreat.  I actually got a nice surprise while trying to decide if I would actually go or not---I WON a free day!!  It was on their 'Spin to Win' game online.  I won the 'Grand' prize of being able to go all day Saturday...well that just wouldn't do.  So I turned it into the weekend for almost half price---nice!!   And I am going to be taking classes to (re-)learn to use my Cricut (and new Copic markers) with Cara Miller.   Who, I just found out lives 15 min away from me and sells these neat learning tools called "Whispers".  They are index cards that make using your Cricut or Gypsy easy!!!    I can't wait!

I went shopping the other day.....I haven't been to Joann's in a while, sooooo....
I bought a couple of things.  Actually I did very well.

I loved this set and it was nicely on sale.  I also bought some things for my Smash Book collection: a label maker, some washi tape and some stickers--also on sale!

At Michaels' I bought some yarn to work on a baby blanket that is taking way to long--not because it is remotely hard but I just can't get going on it!

Oh, and.....I went to the Great Pottery Race.....uh, I mean Bennington Midnight Madness a couple of weeks ago  (which happens every year on the 3rd Thursday in July----mark your calenders NOW) and did get a REALLY nice find.  Jay's Hallmark Store has 50%---50% off the whole store!!!  Did I mention they are also an art supply store? 
Do you know what these are?  Copic Markers
They were 50 % off!!!   I am also taking a class at the retreat to learn how to use these too.  They are the latest in alcohol, blend-able and refillable markers that act like watercolor paints.  I can't wait to learn how to use them.

Also got these stamps in the mail the other day from Crafty Steals.   I love to order from them as they usually have great buys--too many for my wallet--lol.  These were all only $11.99--free shipping!

And one last thing --second to last thing for now....  I stopped in a LYS on my way home the other day after having breakfast after work with my friend, David.   I never get to stop there because it is never open when I normally go by.  I am so glad I did.  It is a really nice shop---- Metaphor Yarns.  I couldn't leave with out buying something......really?!

  And because one of the skeins I bought was the last one of that colorway, she gave it to me for half off!   I didn't even ask.  That's nice....And the best part is that they are 'crochet' friendly.  I'm sorry, but almost every LYS I have been in--and I've been in quite a few--are knitting snobs.  Not them!  There was a lot of 'model' projects that were shown in crochet.  And the owner, I think her name is Meta, was very friendly.  They have classes and 'drop-in' times also.   {Not to mention that they are in the same building as a quilt shop--I'm sorry I do not have their name but (and I did not go in--thank God as I would still be in there!) they are BEAUTIFUL--from what I could see in at the door.}

And lastly.....drum roll please........
As of a few hours ago I am officially a Close To My Heart consultant.   I have been wanting to take my paper crafting to the next level and I think this is it.   Actually that is what sold me.  That they are a 'papercrafting' company that helps you to preserve your memories.  They have been in business for 25 years selling scrapbooking and stamping supplies.  But more importantly showing people how to preserve memories/photos by offering their  fabulous 'Idea' books and lessons on how to use what they sell.   I can't wait to start getting my 'Start with Heart' videos weekly.   I should get my 'kit' by next week.  Not to mention I now get a nice discount (my 'commission') on everything I buy for me---Sorry Rosann (my previous consultant and Scrap-a-Way owner).
And for signing up this month I will also get... a really nice tote for free.
How can you go wrong?  I can't wait to get it with my kit.

So there is my update for now.  So much more to say and post but it is late (early for some) and I am going to bed.  Working the next 6 out of 7 nights---ugh and then scrapping!!!  Be well

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