Sunday, July 15, 2012

Warm Weekend off....

Good Morning.
I am relaxing a bit with my breakfast and contemplating the day.  Breakfast of Special K and blueberries.  Love that.
I did a lot of work in my 'side' room yesterday--I call it that because it doesn't have a name yet.  You know, like 'the game room' or 'the family room'.  It is a little side room I keep my moose stuff (I have a small collection of (small) moose things--kind of cute),
 my misc books--kid books, Christmas books, --misc books, (still needs more tidying up), and love that 'The Cat' found a home,
 and my Avon and Melaleuca. 
 I have been selling AVON for almost 32 years and Melaleuca for 5-6?.  The Melaleuca is mostly for me --not too much stuff but the Avon takes up one corner of the room and now that I have the card table set up there it won't be all over the house!  (I also moved and unloaded other boxes in that room so there is much better floor space, although it still needs a bit more TLC in there.)
So after taking these pictures I forgot what I was getting at----semi-senile moment there--anyway........
I am going to do a little more in that room but mostly work in my dinning room---at least that is what I thought is was a year ago, but alas, it has turned into ??? dump room  (my son moved back home about 2 months ago--need I say more?)
And I need---need to get into my craft room!!!  It is soooo calling me (bad names, I think, for not staying in there and cleaning it too!).  I also have to make at least 3 baby squares (I'll post a pic maybe of those---I don't want my niece Amy to see too much of it--lol) and maybe make Marilyn proud by Kool-Aid dying some yarn today.  The days are way too short and too hot!  I love the heat but really!?
Oh the room name.....the Avon room sounds limiting, the moose room--too much, how about The Library?  Nice...
The Library is it.
Be well and stay cool

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  1. A gift to you!



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