Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another great time at the Scrap-A-Way Retreat!!!

How much do I love going to the retreats???  Way too much!!!   OMG!  We just keep having more and more fun every time I go---is that possible? 
I had 3 more great table mates:
From left: Catherine, Paula, Zaria and me.  It was PJ night---you get more 'croppin cash' for wearing your pajamas Saturday night.  And everybody knows that more cash is better to win prizes with.  I won a Cricut cartridge holder!   yay
I'm holding it there.  And yes that is a chenille robe and purple pj's--they have little owls and say--what else--'night owl' on them.  I bought them just for this event!
Everyone at our table won something--so nice when that happens.  Catherine won the Cricut!!!   She never had one and did not know how to use it---so much fun to have and she'll get the hang of it.
I made a few 2-page layouts and my own small 'smash' book
 and covered a small 'suit case' like case.
Here is the inside to get a hint of what it looked like on the outside--only more tattered:

 It looks good.  I have to embellish it more and do the inside.
And here is one page layout that I did in my favorite theme...

Notice the bottom pic I lifted what is called a 'Flip Flap'.  Way cool.  You stick it too your pages to add more space for pictures.   Maybe someday I will actually bring pictures with
They are in two large Rubbermaid containers in (what was) the living room---my son has claimed it right now until he finds his own place---praying daily for this event--but I can't get to them.  Oh well.

Any way I had a wonderful time and looking forward to January in Mystic.  And seeing my scrappin' friend Linda.  It will be fun, fun, fun!

Update:  I received my kit from Close to my Heart.  There are really nice things in here and I can't wait to have my first 'gathering'.  You can check out my website in the mean time  Close to my Heart  and email me if you have any questions.

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