Monday, October 23, 2006

No title--just catching up...

Well let's try this again...
This site was not working too well earlier today.
I'm still here--I bet you thought I fell off the earth?
No, just been busy. Working, cleaning, sorting, getting ready to start the next travel job. I'll be in Northampton for the next 13 weeks (living at home) until the end of Jan. then ? hopefully FL for 13 weeks. I'm stressing a bit about going. I am already missing my stuff and I'm not gone yet! I can only take so much with me and especially now that I am trying to get this place in order. I worry about the cats that I can't take--my son will have to take care of them (omg). Why can't life be simpler???
On the lighter side I have been working on my new sock from our crochet-along. I am using Austermann Step. It is very soft and the colors are beautiful.
See above.
Gotta go for now but I will post more pics later--of finished sock and of Amy and Joshs' wedding.

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