Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I wanted to put something here about my Montana and thought that I could not re-write another thing right now so instead I will just copy what I put on FB  as it says what I feel.   Thank-you to everyone that commented there and sent well wishes, it meant a lot.    I know that I will craft again as it too is my passion, but for now Montana has my everything.  I am working on a memory page for him now.

On Sunday March 4, 2012 I had to rush my beloved Montana to the animal ER. He was in respiratory distress and kidney failure. It was so bad that after meds, IV fluids and such, I was told that he would not make it. That afternoon I held him in my arms until he died. This is my Montana that was never sick--a little 'punky' a few days before but nothing that would suggest this. I can not believe he is gone. I watched him be born 12 years ago and have had a 'toddler' beside me ever since. He slept in my bed every night, he liked to be held like a baby whenever he could and was always in to something. My heart hurts so much I don't even want to breath most of the time. I don't understand. This was my unconditional kitty--no hang-ups, just loving sweet Montana. My only saving grace is that he is in Heaven with my dog Bobo and old Kitta. I am so sorry, Montana, that you had to leave me so soon and I wish I could have done more to save you--if only to have you by my side a lot longer. Dear God, please hold him and keep him safe and warm every night as I wish I still could and let us meet again soon. Bless you my baby.

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