Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Pics and Links fron the P.P. swap

Here ia a link to pics of what my June Package Pal sent me.  Life is good....

4 You With Love: June Package Pals - What I Gave Cathy

Here is a pic of what I sent her....

I made some greeting cards for her,  two 'friend' cards and two Christmas cards.  (I love making cards.) I sent some chipboard letters (winter theme).  And some yarn,  I believe it is fingering/sock weight from Knit Picks in the colors she said her 'woman cave' was in--turquoise and brown.  And I thought the burnt orange went well.  (Sorry I do not have the tag.)  And I crocheted a Hot Pot Mate (pot holder) using 'Christmas' colored cotton, from my new book,
Quick-Stitch Crochet  (The Needlecraft Shop),  edited by Judy Crow

Sorry about the picture.  I bought mine at Annie's Catalog (online) --great book,
but they are out of it now.  I think you can get it at Amazon.
 I also sent some (AVON) hand lotion to keep our hands soft when working with yarn and a fun lip gloss.   
I hope she likes it. 


  1. Check this out!


    1. Thanks so much, I am humbly honored and will try my best to live up to this and make you proud.


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